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Maharashtra baited to pull Tesla

Tesla, a US-based company, specializes in electric car manufacturing. While luxury car companies have been stumbled upon in the design of electric cars for decades, they have a worldwide reputation for building cars with the finest technologies.

Tesla is involved in efforts to strengthen trade not only in the US and European countries but also in Asian countries, including China. It is also in the process of launching direct car sales in India. However, Tesla claimed that the taxation system for electric cars in India was not satisfactory.

With this in mind, Tesla has decided to launch its electric cars directly in India by 2021. This has been confirmed by the CEO of the company Elon Musk through the social networking site.

In this context, with Tesla almost certain to make inroads in India, there is a competition between the states to attract the company’s investment.

The Tamil Nadu government has invited Tesla to invest in Tamil Nadu. Following this, it was reported last month that the Karnataka government was in talks with Tesla. Tesla is reportedly in talks to set up a car research and development center in Bangalore.

In this context, it is learned that the Maharashtra government is also in talks with Tesla to invest in their state. State Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray said on Twitter that he was in talks with Tesla officials to come and invest in Maharashtra.

He also said that he is actively involved in formulating and implementing better plans to increase the use of electric vehicles in order to protect the environment.

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