Maeva Martinez: Pictures of her “flabby body” after childbirth and touching message

January 9, 2021, Maeva Martinez gave birth to her first child. A little boy whom she and her husband Julien named Gabriel. Nine days after giving birth, the candidate of Secret Story 10 (2016) talked about her postpartum body without taboos.

Like all women who have given birth, Maeva Martinez has seen her body change in recent months. And of course, she did not regain her figure directly after giving birth. In order to share her experience, the former resident of the Maison des Secrets has took a profile picture one day, three days and then nine days after giving birth, showing her stomach well. “My postpartum mood: I discover this body that I do not recognize at all, yet! This body is all flabby, its belly is empty, swollen, flabby. I don’t have much tonicity anymore, but day by day it is being absorbed“, she first wrote.

Maeva Martinez then recalled that she had lent her body to her baby to grow up as it was necessary to then be born healthy. She did not restrain her desires when he asked her for “fat and sugar

“.”Today I have my best human and I thank this body for that. It’s my turn to take care of him, to feed him healthily while continuing to please him. I will take care of everything inside and when I can, give it back shape and tone with love and without looking at it with disdain. I refuse to look at him like that, even if I don’t like him because he gave all his energy for my son. I feel too grateful to be complexed by this body and I know that I would make the necessary efforts to find the envelope that I appreciate“she continued.

The 28-year-old then encouraged all women not to pressure themselves and to be forgiving of them after the birth of their baby. “Reconnect to your being, to your flesh“, she concluded.


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