Losc: intervention too long, camera on … Bielsa reprimanded during his hearing

Marcelo Bielsa and Losc met this Friday at the Lille industrial tribunal, in videoconference, for the dismissal of the coach that occurred in 2017. The intervention of the Argentine coach, who claims 19 million euros , did not go without a hitch.

At 1:30 p.m. this Friday, Marcelo Bielsa was on a videoconference from England to take part in the hearing at the Lille Labor Council. The Argentine coach, now at the helm of Leeds, is in conflict with Losc for his dismissal dating from the end of 2017.


With an FFP2 mask and a navy sweatshirt, Marcelo Bielsa first listened to the pleadings of his lawyer, Me Benjamin Cabagno. He then spoke. This should normally have taken 15 minutes with the translation. But the intervention overflowed and lasted 45 minutes with the agreement of the president of the tribunal, who finally had to interrupt it because of the length of the speech. This frustrated the Leeds coach, who then told the president: “The problem is not the time I am given, but what I have to tell you”.

Bielsa reprimanded for a camera on

Lawyer of Losc, Me Bertrand Wambeke mentioned the unpaid sums by Marcelo Bielsa following his convictions (before the commercial court and before the industrial tribunal) which arose after the first proceedings launched. He notably highlighted the fact that the technician could not be contacted because he did not have an address in France or Argentina.


The hearing was then interrupted, because of a camera on in Marcelo Bielsa’s office. This was seen by the president of the court, while audio and video recordings are prohibited. Once the device was turned off, the lawyer for the northern club was able to resume his pleading. Despite this interruption, the Argentine coach thanked her for allowing him to speak.

Bad relationships scrutinized

One of the major axes of the audience was the disagreement between Marcelo Bielsa and Luis Campos. There was even competition between the two men, according to the defense of Losc. She also spoke of the coach’s bad relations with those close to the sports director, in particular João Sacramento and the press secretary. There is also a question of difficult relations with the former general manager Marc Ingla.


The other important part is the pre-contract of February 2016, which was not accepted by the Professional Football League. For Me Wambeke, it is not a contract of employment contract. However, this pre-contract provided for five vehicles for Marcelo Bielsa and his assistants (an Audi A8 and 4 DS4), first class plane tickets and an envelope of 4.5 million euros for everyone.

Bielsa speaks of “harassment”

Stayed connected throughout the hearing, but not permanently in front of his webcam, with the sound cut as requested by the court, Marcelo Bielsa is claiming 19 million euros from Losc. “I would have preferred not to speak publicly, but I think there are certain situations that it is interesting that I explain. What I want to explain is the harassment that I suffered during the months of September and October before my dismissal in order to destabilize me to push me to resign, sabotage my management and obstruct my work, degrading my authority. Luis Campos never wanted to help me. It was impossible to talk about football with Campos, he only talked about the commercial part, the players’ agents, the prices, the percentages, the commissions … he was not interested in talking about football “, argued Bielsa.


The contract approved by the LFP could allow it to touch around € 10 million. The ball is now in the court of the Lille industrial tribunal, which will have to study this extraordinary case. He will render his decision on July 2.

JA with Jean Bommel and AFP


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