LOSC: Galtier tackles social networks, "the biggest bullshit we could have invented"

Cycling, F1, cinema and Algeria … In an interview at 20 Minutes, LOSC coach Christophe Galtier confides on subjects other than football. And take the opportunity to say all the bad things he thinks about social networks.

Watching him walk the field for about 35 years, we begin to know Christophe Galtier the footballer, now a coach. But Galtier is not just the round ball. As he explains this Friday in an interview with 20 Minutes, the coach of LOSC is also passionate about cycling, F1 – more particularly Lewis Hamilton – but also a lover of the sea, politics, French cinema and documentaries on Arte.


What the technician likes less, however, are social networks. And he says it clearly. “I think it’s the biggest bullshit we could have invented, he squeals. It makes people stupid because they think that with their tweet, they manage to influence opinion. I think that it does. makes the man stupid. I don’t even tell my players about it because it’s a lost cause … “

Christophe galtier
Christophe Galtier © Icon Sport

His wife, a “safeguard”

To tell the truth, the former Marseillais prefers to take into account the reflections of his wife. “A few weeks ago, I went crazy by calling the referee dishonest, he says. It cost me a suspension. A few hours later, she came to me and said: ‘What- What have you done? You’re ridiculous’ (…) She knows that it’s a difficult job in which there is a lot of pressure. She makes sure not to add more and on the contrary to be a bit of a guard -crazy.”


In the first part of the interview, Christophe Galtier also evokes his relationship with Algeria, from which his parents are returnees. “My parents and my older brother were born there, he says. I have often heard my parents talk about this famous heartbreak with their friends and family. (…) I know it was very hard for them but I told them one day that this country belongs to the Algerians and not to the French. They were shocked but I think so deeply. There was a war with atrocities on both sides but things could have happened differently. My family has been personally affected by this conflict. There have been deaths. But when I tell my parents this sentence as an adult, there is a gap between what they experienced and what I perceive. ‘Algeria belongs to the Algerians. “


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