Looking for a dose of vaccine? There is an application for that

France does not offer an official tool for getting vaccinated, so volunteers took care of it. For several weeks, the developers of Covid Tracker, the reference site for monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, offers Quick My Dose, a site dedicated to vaccination appointments. The idea of ​​Guillaume Rozier and his acolytes is quite simple: aggregate the data of all the booking sites and bring them together in one place, in order to help the French to find an appointment near them more quickly. Initially launched as a small project, Quick My Dose has received the help of many developers who have made it the benchmark vaccination platform.

For a few hours, Quick My Dose is available as an app. French people looking to get vaccinated can install it and consult it several times a day to find an appointment. At the time of writing, 130,000 slots were available in France.

2.1 million visits in 24 hours

As Covid Tracker, Quick My Dose meets with immense success. On Twitter, its founder Guillaume Rozier reveals that the site was visited 2.1 million times Wednesday, April 21 and allowed 112,000 people to initiate an appointment. For a few hours now, the site has made it possible to find appointments based on the postal code or its city, and no longer on its region. This novelty will be deployed soon in the application.

Also to discover in video:

The developers of Quick My Dose indicate that many new features will arrive in the coming days, as the vaccination campaign progresses. Once again, the teams behind Covid Tracker stand out for their inventiveness. It is quite unfortunate to see volunteers doing better than official entities. We encourage you to follow Guillaume Rozier on Twitter to be aware of all the advancements of its services.


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