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Lockdown of industrial areas not modified, even half the factories are not operating as per permission

Jodhpur. The biggest challenge is to bring the economy back on track with the Kovid-19 fight. This is why the modified lockdown was implemented. Passes were issued to run the industry in areas outside the city’s Ricoh area and the Containment Zone, but even after that, the industrial corridors did not return awe.

The reality is that less than half of the units are operating as permitted. The reason for this is the large number of workers migrating.

Also, the existing labor is not working in full number, hence factories are not working and production is negligible. Entrepreneurs say that industries will be able to operate properly only in the event of strict rules-regulations, adequate labor.

Twenty percent of units operating in Boranada

In the modified lockdown, around one thousand passes have been issued in the Boranada industrial area for the operation of industries. In fact, twenty percent of the units are not operating here.

There are about 170-175 factories operating in Boranada, including handicrafts, engineering, packaging, agro-food, etc. The workers in these units are few. In such a situation, the basic work including production in these units is being affected.

The same situation in Rico Jodhpur

The condition of Rico Jodhpur area is also not very good. So far, 1150 passes have been issued to 400 units in the Ricoh Jodhpur region. 200 units were allowed to operate. In all, half the units in these areas are also difficult.

Silence in industrial areas

Even though the government has been allowed to operate the industries in the modified lockdown, there is silence in the industrial areas due to the acute shortage of workers, strict guidelines.

The troubles of the laborers left here are not less. Due to the lack of industry, workers have reached the verge of unemployment.

At the same time, some workers living in factories say that they are being paid only for bringing food items. Many said that they did not even get the monthly salary, this made their condition worse.

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