Lockdown: MP teacher formulated ‘mohalla class’ formula for students to continue their studies

Asharam Lochi, a teacher of the government primary school of village Khedli of Neemuch district in Madhya Pradesh, has devised a new way to address the children’s curiosity and parents ‘concerns in order to avoid the severe outbreak of global epidemic’ Corona (Kovid-19).

According to official information, Asharam goes to a locality in the village every day by putting a mask made of cloth on his mouth. Keeping social distancing, collect 4-5 students of the locality at one place, and then the government primary school village Khedli of Asharam Lochi starts there. In this moving school, there are children from every class. Everyone has their own questions.

Teacher Asharam has an answer to every question. Asharam looks at the correct answers in all copies and gets them corrected by social distancing. Give someone new homework, then ask someone for improvement. Radio schools also provide advice on educational programs heard in the program. Also, Digilap also explains what came in WhatsApp groups and how to implement it.

After the children’s Mohalla class, the second class of parents and teacher Asharam starts at the same place. In this, Asharam talks to the parents about the children’s education. Along with this, citizens also provide information about making masks at home, cleaning the house and locality, and preventing corona infection.

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