Liverpool: Klopp mocks T-shirts worn by Leeds in Super League warm-up

A real bombshell of the weekend, the Super League project has been officially announced with Liverpool among the 12 founding members. If Jürgen Klopp said he was against this project, he was particularly upset about the training t-shirts worn by the Leeds players during the warm-up.

This Monday, Liverpool found their way back to the pitch after the announcement of the creation of the Super League which turned the football world upside down and in which the Reds are found as a founding member. Facing Leeds, the first signs of opposition appeared during the warm-up of the players as Marcelo Bielsa’s troops sported t-shirts flocked with the inscription “Deserve it!” (the qualification in C1, editor’s note) and on the back “Football is for the supporters”.

Other signs of hostility to this huge new project were also coming to the stands of Ellan Road and even the sky of the Peacocks stadium with a plane pulling a banner “#SayNoToSuperLeague” (“Say no to the Super League”).

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Obviously, Jürgen Klopp has not escaped a few questions about the Super League while he has always taken sides against its creation until now. The German technician reiterated his opposition.

“My opinion on the matter has not changed, said the technician. I found out on Sunday, as we were preparing for the game against Leeds. We did not receive a lot of information, nothing more than what ‘You can read in the newspapers. It’s a hard blow. (…) I am 53 years old, I have always known the Champions League. As a manager, I have always wanted to participate. J ‘love the fact that West Ham can qualify for next season, even if I don’t want to (Liverpool are battling the Hammers for qualification). Most important in football are the supporters and the players . “

Klopp rants over t-shirts worn by Leeds players

Asked about the t-shirts worn by the Leeds players before the kick-off of the match, Jürgen Klopp was annoyed, indicating that these same jerseys had been put in the Reds’ locker room. The German technician had indicated that his players would not wear them before tackling Leeds.

“I’ve heard that there are warm-up shirts. We won’t wear them, we can’t. And if anyone thinks they have to remind us that you have to earn your place on the pitch to go to the Champions League, so it’s a joke, a real joke. They put them in our locker room. If that was Leeds idea, thank you very much. Nobody needs to remind us. Maybe be that they should remember it. “


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