Liverpool fans protest at Anfield against their leaders

Ahead of their match against Newcastle on Saturday, the Liverpool players walked past a few Reds supporters gathered around Anfield to protest their leaders and the decision to join the Super League project.

“We will not forget, we will not forgive”. This is one of the messages posted around Anfield this Saturday morning by some Liverpool supporters who came to demonstrate around the Reds stadium before their match against Newcastle (on RMC Sport).

Homeowners in the crosshairs

These fans, far fewer in number than Arsenal’s on Friday, gathered to protest against the club leaders’ decision to be part of the 12 teams involved in the Super League project, which fell into the water after 48 hours barely. Far from attacking the players and Jürgen Klopp, whom they even applauded and supported upon their arrival at Anfield, the fans especially have the Liverpool owners in the sights.

The Fenway Sports Group (FSG), which owns the club, is particularly targeted. Several banners were displayed around Anfield by fans to show their anger, such as the one stating “Enough is £ nough, FSG Out”.

“Spirit of Shanks, Not Greedy Yanks”

Another refers to Bill Shankly, legendary Liverpool coach between 1959 and 1974 and FSG American nationality: “Spirit of Shanks, Not Greedy Yanks”. These Liverpool supporters thus accuse the leaders of having wanted to Americanize the European culture of sport, with this Super League, without worrying about sporting merit.

Despite an apology from FSG boss John Henry in a video released on Wednesday, Reds fans don’t seem ready to forget Liverpool’s involvement in the Super League project. If the link between fans, players and coaches does not seem to be broken, that with the leaders is on the other hand very severely damaged.

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