LinkedIn is working on a Clubhouse competitor

You will soon be able to revel in the morning routine and life lessons of the top start-up nation’s by listening to them in LinkedIn audio lounges. After launching the Stories to give a facelift to its platform, the professional social network, owned by Microsoft, has just confirmed that it is working on a competing feature of Clubhouse which will be integrated directly into its application.

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LinkedIn has also created a new creator status for its users, so that they can configure their profile to be followed by others as soon as they update their stories or launch live videos on the social network. The arrival of audio lounges in LinkedIn follows strong demand from users, who apparently want new ways to connect with their community.

The interface of this new feature will be very close to what Clubhouse offers, with a lounge presenting the protagonists and displaying the audience connected to the lounge. “Viewers” will be able to join and leave a show as they wish, comment and react to the speech they are listening to and even request to speak, if we trust the screenshot that the social network shared with TechCrunch .

LinkedIn is not the first platform to attempt a foray into the audio trade show business. Twitter recently unveiled Spaces, its competitor Clubhouse feature which is slated to roll out to all users sometime in April.

Source: TechCrunch


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