Lille live: Galtier’s press conference

Christophe Galtier on the title fight

“We are first in the 31st day, but the objective at the start of the season was to be European. We will be. This objective has been reached. Obviously we want to play in the Champions League and for that we will have to fight. And by fighting for that, given the situation, we can create a surprise, a huge surprise. But from there to focusing on the title, this is not the case. Today with my staff, we have almost acquired the fact that we will play a European competition, and it will be the third year in a row. The big performance would be to play the Champions League and the exceptional performance would be to be champion. There are few games left, only 7, but 21 points is a lot. There are gaps, but with 21 points in play, that can be quickly filled. “

Christophe Galtier on playing before his opponents

“I don’t know if that’s an advantage but the reality is if you win you have a good weekend and you can put pressure on your competition. If you lose you have a bad weekend. and your fingers crossed that your competitors are underperforming. But there is no advantage to playing earlier. It is the result of the match that makes players and coaches have a week. -end a little quieter. “

Christophe Galtier on the suspension on Tiago Djalo

“As far as I know, it is not related to the small altercation that there was at the return of the locker room at the end of the match. His suspension is linked to the red card he took. You have to accept the decision. . There was a debate on the fault committed by Tiago Djalo on Neymar. We noted, and the Parisian clan too, noted that there had been no fault. They fought to know who had the touch , the referee gave them both a yellow card and they had already received one. I think we have to accept the decision of the commission, which made the right decision. “

Christophe Galtier on the players long affected by the Covid

“We had 90, 95% of asymptomatic cases in the team. When they are asymptomatic, we do not see a drop in performance. But I take the case of Jérémy Pied, he had symptoms and it was much more difficult for him, then, physically. “

Christophe Galtier on Yusuf Yazici, affected by the Covid twice in 3 months

“It is the same case as Marco Verratti. In Turkish selection, like Italian, there were a lot of cases. They left with a health bubble, but it exploded.”

Christophe Galtier on players unavailable for Metz

“The players unavailable are Jonathan David, Jérémy Pied, who is still injured in the ankle, suspended Tiago Djalo and Yusuf Yazici, sidelined from the group, who took a Covid test this morning to find out if he was positive. If the tests are negative, we can request a waiver for next week. “

Christophe Galtier on David’s absence

“He’s doing pretty well but he’s unavailable for the Metz match. There is also a good chance he’ll be unavailable for the match against Montpellier, and then we’ll look to Lyon. He is recovering from his injury to the ankle for the moment but I am quite surprised, pleasantly, to see him walking almost normally. We could think after the match against Paris that it would be even more serious. We will see in a few weeks how it evolves. “

Christophe Galtier on the group for Metz

“Regarding Celik, the last two tests are negative so he will be in the squad. Xeka will also be present. The incident with Xeka is closed, he was sidelined from the day before the match against Paris until Wednesday morning. He returned to the group after receiving a call to order from the president. “

Sven Botman on the France – Netherlands match at Euro Espoirs

“It’s always good to play against some of your teammates (Ikoné, Soumaré). We know that the France Espoirs team is a very good team, but this is also the case for the Netherlands team. It will be a very good game. “

Sven Botman on his progress

“At the start of the season, I didn’t plan to play the Euro with my selection but I think I showed the best of myself this season. I have improved and I am getting closer to the Euro, but for the moment I play the Euro with the hopes and we are in the quarter-finals. It would be incredible, however, to be selected for the Euro with the A team. “

Sven Botman on playing ahead of his competition

“You can say that if you win, you put pressure on the other teams. But in the end, I think everyone, Monaco, Paris and Lyon will watch their own games. Everyone is fighting for the title, so playing the Friday we can put a little more pressure, but that does not change much. “

Sven Botman on a low game without possession

“Each team we play against has its own qualities. Paris had a lot of quality up front and in midfield. So the strategy against Paris was to let the ball go and play low, and it worked.”

Sven Botman on set pieces, a force from Metz

“Of course we know the strengths and weaknesses of our opponent. We know Metz are very good on set pieces, they have great players. We talked about it so we could handle it well.”

Sven Botman on the right streak of away games

“Everyone has in mind that if we win 7 games, we are champions. It would be something very big for us and for the club, so we don’t need any extra motivation.”

Sven Botman on Xeka’s absence for “proper conduct” according to Galtier

“It’s not for me to talk about this, you have to ask the player concerned or the coach, but not his teammate.”

Sven Botman on the possible frustration of not being champion

“Yes, of course we want to win. Being in this position, it is possible. So of course we would be frustrated not to be champions, I think that is normal and it is the case for all the players. We want to keep our position and win. “

Sven Botman on a possible departure from LOSC

“Like I said, we are all focused on the championship and we will see this summer what happens. It is nothing new that the club have some problems, but we are not discussing them today. . “

Sven Botman on player bonuses put in brackets

“It is nothing new that clubs are having financial problems now. Today it is not our priority, we are more focused on the championship and on being able to win the title. We are not busy. of these economic considerations today, we will see next. “

Sven Botman on the evocation of the title

“We started the season wanting to fight for the first three places. But now, given our position, we will play for the title, I cannot deny it. There are 7 games left, we will take them separately and see after these 7 games where we are. “

Sven Botman on the important elements of LOSC

“I can’t answer that. I know the whole team is very important. We are going as a team and we will end up as a team, not just with two or three players.”

Sven Botman on PSG win last week

“Of course, Paris are a good team and we saw it yesterday against Bayern. It’s a good feeling to be able to compete and beat this team. It shows us that we have our chance at the end of the season.”

Sven Botman on his first season in France

“It went really fast, it’s almost the end of the season already, but I don’t think too much about it. I’m just enjoying playing here. For me, it’s my first time playing in a team fighting for the title. It’s very exciting for me. But I’m not surprised that we are playing for the title. I have been saying from the start that we are a good team, armed to play in the top three. play the matches one after the other, without thinking about the title, but in the end we are approaching it. With 7 games to play, it’s a good end to the season, with 4 very strong teams in the lead. “

Galtier, the fight for the title and the interest of Nice

Seven days before the end of the championship, LOSC is 3 points ahead of Paris-Saint-Germain. Christophe Galtier and Sven Botman will attend a press conference at 12:45 p.m. The Lille coach could be questioned about Nice’s interest in next season, revealed by L’Equipe this week.


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