Lille: Galtier does not see himself staying "seven or eight years" among the Mastiffs

In an interview with AFP, LOSC coach Christophe Galtier spoke of his future. If he says “very well” in the North, the technician also explains that he does not see himself staying there for seven or eight years as at ASSE. However, he has been in office for almost three and a half years …

Some rumors send him to Nice, others say so in the sights of OL, but assure him that he is very well where he is. For the moment … In an interview with AFP, Lille coach Christophe Galtier – who spoke of “destabilization” in a press conference – answered a few questions about his future. Future which remains uncertain, while the Mastiffs fight for the title in Ligue 1.

“We are already three and a half years old and a new project is to start again for a few years …”

“Does my future depend on the result of this season? No, not at all, he replies. But it will not necessarily be decided before the end of the season because I have to stay focused on the goal. ..) Obviously, I know that a qualification in the Champions League is important for the club but I am not thinking about the squad that would be at my disposal next year. I am not one of these coaches which require guarantees. The objectives just need to be in line with the means. We will sit quietly with President Olivier Létang, we will take stock but there is no rush to be had. “

Especially for the technician, whose rating has never been so high. Is an extension at LOSC possible? “There is no weariness at all, I do not feel very good here”, insists Galtier. By adding: “But I think that I will not make seven or eight years like in Saint-Etienne.” However, the former coach of the Greens has been in office since December 2017. “We are already at three and a half years and a new project is to start again for a few years, he observes. This is the whole discussion that j ‘will have with my president. “

Blues? “I think Didier’s successor will be Zidane, and it must be Zidane”

One thing is certain: Christophe Galtier is not aiming for the position of coach of the Blues. Or at least he doesn’t think about it. “I don’t know that role at all, he confides. It is often, and I think rightly so, given to people who have known the selection as a player. I think that Didier’s successor (Deschamps ) will be (Zinédine) Zidane, and it must be Zidane. I am a true supporter of the France team, regardless of the coach, and I love the blue-white-red flag, but I have never been projected into that role. “

While waiting for the summer, and the time for choices, the former defender wants to win the championship, which would be his second title after the Coupe de la Ligue 2013 with ASSE. “This is my biggest challenge, he agrees. It rarely occurs in a career. At the 31st day, we are first with three, four and five points ahead of the other three teams. It is not a lot because there are 7 games and 21 points to take, but it’s there. If we got there, it’s because we have a certain strength, a certain quality. We must not give up. the chances. (…) The main thing is to have no regrets. “


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