Ligue 1: LOSC, PSG, Monaco, OL… what schedule in the title race?

Lucky are the followers of the Super Ligue 1, who are witnessing this season an already historic grind by its intrigue: the gang of four is held in three points, five evenings from the end of this terribly breathless soap opera. Teaser.

They are four actors to snatch the top of the bill in Ligue 1, the scene of a fascinating intrigue in the race for the sacrament. Four, to have to negotiate at best their last five performances in the league. To hope to finish first in a competition which, in its history, has never been so competitive at this stage of the competition. Lille, Paris, Monaco and Lyon, in that order, stand at just three points. The finale promises to be breathtaking.

Lille have their hands

Despite its draw conceded against Montpellier on Friday (1-1), LOSC still enjoys the luxury of always having its destiny between its feet. Leader of Ligue 1, with one, two and three points ahead of its three competitors, Lille of Christophe Galtier knows what remains for him to do: if he wins his next five meetings, he will be champion. But it will not be a piece of fun, since the Mastiffs will travel more than they will receive, and they will face two teams from the current top 5 with Lens, and especially Lyon. For a duel which may prove to be decisive, next weekend at Groupama Stadium.

The Lille calendar:

– Travel to Lyon, April 25;

– Reception in Nice, May 1;

– Travel to Lens, May 9;

– Reception in Saint-Etienne, May 16;

– Travel to Angers, May 23.

For PSG, win and pray

If Lille has the hand, it is because Paris Saint-Germain no longer has it. The Parisians will have to hope for a Lille misstep to continue to believe in the possibility of a tenth title of champion of France. While doing the job on their side. Of the four, they are those who seem to have the most favorable schedule, with opponents a priori affordable and no clash against a direct competitor. While having a “bonus” point due to a goal difference largely favorable to the others (at least +15 in advance). By snatching a precious success in the last seconds against Saint-Etienne (3-2) Sunday noon, PSG kept alive. He must now take advantage of the final sprint to reach paradise.

The PSG calendar:

– Travel to Metz, April 24;

– Reception in Lens, on May 1;

– Travel to Rennes, May 9;

– Reception in Reims, May 16;

– Travel to Brest, May 23.

Monaco by leaps and bounds

Already assured of being in the top four when it comes to doing the accounts, Monaco has still not really put words into its ambitions, preferring to stay hidden in the shadows. But still winners with the manner in Bordeaux on Sunday (0-3), Niko Kovač’s men can no longer hide, and will have to assume. Appears against them last five days at a disparate level, where it will be necessary to receive OL between two accessible trips to Angers and Reims. And for the Monegasques, everything could quickly accelerate: because if the Lyonnais dominate the Lille during the next day, and the Parisians bow at the same time, the Asemites can quite take control of the Ligue 1. Unthinkable just a few weeks ago.

Monaco calendar:

– Travel to Angers, April 25;

– Reception in Lyon, May 2;

– Travel to Reims, May 9;

– Reception in Rennes, May 16;

– Travel to Lens, May 23.

OL have not said their last word

It is probably Rudi Garcia’s players who inherit the most tricky schedule. Olympique Lyonnais will have to stuff themselves with two elements of the gang to start their home stretch (Lille then Monaco), and will quickly be set on their ambitions. Either Lyon comes out and achieves a real coup in the title race, or it collapses and will be content to hope, at best, the Champions League. His success in Nantes at the end of the 33rd day (1-2) has in any case allowed him to still exist. And offered Ligue 1 an already historic final.

The Lyon calendar:

– Reception in Lille, April 25;

– Travel to Monaco on May 2;

– Reception in Lorient, May 9;

– Travel to Nîmes on May 16;

– Reception in Nice, May 23.

Romain Daveau Journalist RMC Sport


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