Ligue 1: Garcia calls for the creation of a "cell" to help coaches

In an interview with Canal +, Rudi Garcia expressed his desire to see Ligue 1 equip itself with a support structure for coaches. To be attentive to those who exercise “a crazy profession”, explains the OL coach.

He still doesn’t know where he will be next summer. A little more than two months from the end of his contract, Rudi Garcia is not sure of continuing his adventure at the head of OL. No extension has been offered to him for the moment. And nothing says that will be the case. While waiting to see more clearly, the coach of Gones manages a particularly spectacular end of the season in Ligue 1, where four teams can still win the title (Lille, Paris, Monaco, Lyon).

Before the trip to Nantes, this Sunday during the 33rd day, Canal + broadcast an interview with Garcia in which he calls for the creation of a structure to support the coaches. By slipping a kind word to Thomas Tuchel, dismissed by PSG last winter.

“Here is one who tasted well in France even though he is an excellent trainer (…) We were in the process of reflecting with a few coaches on the fact of perhaps one day creating a unit in France which would allow everyone the coaches to be able to have a contact, a referent, to exchange, sometimes to pour out its venom, he explains. In fact, it is necessary to find the right people in all the fields. What makes the difference, it is the man you have in front of you. “

“I did not see my father at home”

More generally, Garcia evokes his job like no other: “We have a job where we take care of others. When you are a player, you only think of yourself. 100%. On the other hand, coach is completely. the opposite. We no longer think about ourselves at all (…) Yes, it’s a crazy job. But we were made for that I think. Me, I always said that I would not do that because my father did it. I didn’t see him at home. He worked during the day and he went to train at night. It’s too thankless a job. When you win, it’s the players who win and when you lose, it’s the coach who loses. I’ve seen my dad do this his whole life. I was like, ‘I don’t want to do this’. But because I knew I would do this anyway.’ I was made for that. “


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