Ligue 1: a year later, Toulouse and Amiens attack the LFP for their relegation

Toulouse and Amiens, sent to Ligue 2 after the end of the championships last season, have decided to seize the Council of State again. They accuse the League of having modified the rules for the allocation of aid for relegated clubs.

A year later, they are still going up. And determined to go to the end of their fight. In a joint statement published this Friday, the clubs of Amiens and Toulouse, relegated to Ligue 2 last season after the stoppage of Ligue 1, announce that they are attacking the Professional Football League before the Council of State, the highest administrative jurisdiction in France. They indicate that they are filing “an appeal before the Council of State against the decision of the LFP having modified during the season the variable aid system for the relegation of clubs relegated to Ligue 2 at the end of the 2019/2020 season “.

“Considering that this decision infringes in particular the principle of sporting fairness and entails significant financial damage for the club, the TFC and Amiens SC have taken the decision to refer the matter to the Council of State – which will decide in the first and last resort – in order to assert his rights. In compliance with the procedure, no comments will be made on the subject, “they add. The descent in Ligue 2 of Amiens and Toulouse, then 19th and 20th, had been recorded by the Board of Directors of the LFP on April 30, 2020 at the time of the end of the championships, decided because of the health context.

A long legal battle

A first decision of the Council of State had suspended their relegation, by directing the authorities to reconsider the format of the Ligue 1. But a new round table, both in the League and the Federation, had ruled out the hypothesis of a championship expanded to 22 teams which would have allowed the two clubs to be maintained. The TFC ended up registering its demotion after an unfavorable vote by the Federal Assembly of the FFF on June 26, but Amiens had decided to bring the matter again to the Council of State, pointing to a re-examination ” biased “by the LFP. An appeal dismissed in July.

Third in Ligue 2, six points behind the leader of Troy, Toulouse is currently struggling to find the elite. Amiens is in ninth place.


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