Liga: Valencia back Diakhaby and don’t believe Cala’s denials

The affair continues between Mouctar Diakhaby and Juan Cala. While the Spaniard from Cadiz denied on Tuesday having made racist remarks against the French defender, the Valencia club say they do not believe Juan Cala and support his player.

Accused of having made racist remarks against the defender of Valencia, Mouctar Diakhaby, Juan Cala is in the eye of the cyclone in Spain. The Cadiz defender defended himself in front of the press, denying the accusations against him and indicating that he had never uttered racist insults against the French defender.

“I never told him shit nigga. What Diakhaby said is wrong. […] For two days, I have suffered a public lynching. I don’t know why Diakhaby is doing this, ”Cala said.

Valencia strikes back

In a statement published this afternoon after the press conference of the defender of Cadiz, Valencia reiterated its support for Mouctar Diakhaby, indicating not to believe the statements of Juan Cala. The current 12th in La Liga claims that the Cádiz defender even missed the opportunity to accept this mistake and apologize: “Juan Cala lost a great opportunity to accept this mistake and apologize to people Instead, he attacked the player himself and other members of Valencia. Valencia fully believe in their player and reiterate their full support. “

The Spanish club added that they intend to fight to the end for the good of football: “After the threats from Juan Cala during his press conference on Tuesday April 6, the Club, President Anil Murthy and Mouctar Diakhaby maintain intact their deep conviction to fight wherever necessary and until the end for the good of football.Valencian will never cease to fight for the improvement of the regulations and the fight against racism in football and in society. “

La Liga have announced that they have launched an investigation to determine the truth of this case but lack of proof for the moment while neither the referee, nor the broadcaster of the match seem to have elements which could advance the investigation at this moment.


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