License granted for the new Standard de Liège stadium

The first version of the permit was rejected last summer. Standard de Liège thus obtained the agreement, under technical conditions, of the Walloon Region on Tuesday to finally launch the construction of its new stadium. Last August, the integrated permit relating to this project had not been accepted as is by the delegated official of the SPW who had demanded certain modifications.

A new version of the project was then developed. The latter had first received the approval of the municipal college of Liège last February. The Liège football club therefore has the authorization to move forward with its project. The objective is to redevelop the enclosure of Sclessin by notably increasing the number of seats in the stands, which would go from 28,700 to 32,126.

T2 will be raised and the angles with T3 and T4 will be closed. It is also a question of redesigning the surrounding roads, renovating the changing rooms, lighting and making the esplanade more secure. The project also plans to build a set of services around the enclosure, such as offices, catering or commercial spaces. The total budget is around 100 million euros.

The work should take place in different phases and spread over several years.


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