LG Rollable would be the name of LG’s foldable smartphone that rolls up

If you have closely followed the evolution of the smartphone market with a flexible and sticky screen, you will easily remember that since its inception LG was one of the pioneers in showing a functional prototype of this technology.

However, the reality is that since then we have only seen that they have launched smartphones that flirt with those concepts but nothing that is fully launched.

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But it would be about to change very soon. And it would be a matter of a few months for us to officially know its first folding screen terminal. Which would be called LG Rollable.

A very descriptive name

When the LG Wing was announced, the company hinted that the evolution of that proposal was almost ready.

And now rumors have begun to emerge that the one-of-a-kind smartphone would be aiming for presentation next March 2021.


The most curious point is that we would even already know the name, all thanks to a recent registration with the  EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office). Where the name of LG Rollable would have been processed.

The name is quite descriptive on its own. But just look at the variants blocked by the company itself in the process to check what it is:

  • The Roll.
  • Double Roll.
  • Dual Roll.
  • Bi-Roll.
  • Roll Canvas.

Basically, the screen unfolds by rolling up, similar to a scroll. So the name is more than clear.


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