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Less than 6 months, now double power bill is sending loud shock

Consumers have to bear the brunt of not getting the correct power readings in lockdown and unlock. Because of this, electricity consumers are worried about the November electricity bill. People from many other areas including Jacobpura, Gurgaon Village, New Colony are upset with such a bill. Because the bill came down in the first 4 to 6 months, but now the burden of the last reading together has fallen on the people.

Electricity bills are doubling
In fact, electricity bills have been reduced to twice the average, causing consumers to complain to electricity corporation officials, but officials say they were billed on average during the lockdown, taking readings in September-October Later, bills have been issued, which has led to additional bills for some consumers. At the same time, consumers are getting upset due to the payment of electricity bill twice the average.

In Old Gurgaon, consumers are complaining about this kind of bill. Arun, a resident of Gurgaon village, said that he was paying his bill every month, but suddenly the bill for October has been given 8 thousand instead of 3 thousand. When he complained to the authorities about this, he said that the bills between March and September were sent for average readings. Readings regarding lockdown and corona infection could not be taken, but now on average, consumers who consumed more electricity, their bill was extra. In this case, bills have been given according to the meter reading. Similarly, not one, but many consumers have appeared upset. At the same time, Ravindra Sharma, who lives in Indrapuri, had less bills for the last 4 months, but now many times more bills are bothering him.

Officer said – additional bill has not been given
SE Joginder Singh Hooda in the electricity department says that the bill is not extra, the bill is more than the difference between the unit of average and meter reading due to not taking readings during lockdown. No additional consumer has been billed.


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