Leaked cases of the Samsung Galaxy S21 would confirm its strange camera

Little has passed since its last big launch, but a brand like Samsung does not stop and the leaks of the Galaxy S21 are the order of the day.

Among the sea of ​​information, you have to try to choose the sources well, and one of them is Ice Universe, which has been giving “the stick to the cat” for at least three years when it comes to advancing the launches of the South Korean firm.

Through its Twitter account, as usual, the leaker shows the following images of case manufacturers:

If what is shown in the image is true, we would be taking for granted that the next flagship of the brand will have an extremely large module for its cameras and that it would be the main differentiating factor of the terminal, at least in terms of design.


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Other rumors suggest that this new version of the popular Galaxy S saga could be released very soon, there is talk of mid-January as a tentative date. We will have to be attentive to what Samsung communicates.


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