Léa Drucker soon to be president: panic at the Élysée Palace in Diastème’s next film

Léa Drucker will soon be president. This is not a political estimate, but his next role in the film The World of Yesterday, from director Diastème. For his fourth feature film, the French director collaborated with Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme, famous political journalists from the World.

The start of filming will begin on January 28, 2021 in Rennes (Brittany) for five weeks, according to information from Satellifax. Recently, a casting call was launched in the Rennes region for extras. Léa Drucker will meet there with Benjamin Biolay, who will play the Prime Minister, but also Denis Podalydès, the secretary general of the Élysée and Alban Lenoir, who will play the bodyguard.

In this political thriller, Léa Drucker plays the President of the Republic, Isabelle de Raincy. She learned a few days before her mandate that her far-right rival candidate came out on top in the polls. Alongside her secretary general, the president has three days to change the course of history.

After The noise of people around (2008), A French (2015) and July August (2016), the director Diastème finds several actors he knows: Léa Drucker, thirteen years after his first film and Alban Lenoir, six years after his second.

Recently, Léa Drucker is multiplying projects for the big screen. We will find her in Julien Rambaldi’s next film, Women of the Square alongside Eye Haïdara and Ahmed Sylla, in Goodbye Paris!, the new comedy by Édouard Baer, ​​with Benoît Poelvoorde but also in Colors of the fire by Clovis Cornillac, the sequel toGoodbye up there.


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