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Kumar Sanu said – Sorry to hear about life, I gave him a bungalow, introduced him to the director-producers too.

Jan Kumar Sanu may not be able to do much in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, but after the eviction from the show, he is in discussion due to his personal relationship. As soon as Jan Kumar Sanu came out of the show, he targeted his father Kumar Sanu. Jaan said that his father questioned his upbringing, while he has no right to it. This is because as a father, Kumar Sanu never took responsibility for him or his brothers and mother. Now Kumar Sanu also responded on this whole matter. Diggaj Singer said that he felt very bad to hear all this from his son and as far as responsibility is concerned, from Aashiqui Bungalow to introducing him to Mahesh Bhatt, he has done a lot for his life.

‘I did not raise questions on raising my life’
Talking to ‘Bollywood Life’, Kumar Sanu said, ‘First of all, watch that video. I have not spoken anywhere in it. I said that you should not talk inappropriately. Inauspicious things, I did not say that to him. Secondly, if living in Maharashtra, then Marathi and Maharashtra should be respected and given this lesson. This is what I said. Now when he is saying that his father did nothing for him, I am sad.

‘Whatever my mother asked of me, I gave everything’
Kumar Sanu went on to say, ‘If he is saying that the father did nothing other than name Kumar Sanu, then maybe he was too young then and so he doesn’t know anything. But when I got divorced from her mother in 2001, I gave her whatever my mother wanted. Whatever Rita Bhattacharya demanded through the court, even if it was not my beloved bungalow, I gave it too. At the same time, my son has been meeting me, but after Bigg Boss, I will not meet him now. Even if he doesn’t.

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‘Jaan said Baba take me to the show, I took to the show’
Kumar Sanu said that he was never in favor of Jaan’s going to ‘Bigg Boss’. He also met Jaan before his entry on the show. But it was Jan’s choice that he wanted to go on the show. Jan has been a fan of Bigg Boss and he himself auditioned for her. Kumar Sanu further said, ‘After this, Jan requested me to take Baba Hamko on the show, then we took him to the show, Baba met us with a little music director, the producer, then I got him Mahesh Bhatt, Ramesh Taurani and many more Took it to the people.

‘If I did nothing, how did life become so big’
Kumar Sanu says that now if those people give work to life or not, it is their choice. This will be his own talent, he has nothing to say about it. Kumar Sanu said, ‘Now tell me if I did not give him anything except the name, he did nothing for him. Today he has grown so much, how come? He was very young then, there was no earner in his house then, so when I hear all this now, I feel bad. ‘

‘I got corona, no one even called from their house’
Kumar Sanu says that even though he was suffering from a corona infection, no one got a phone call from him or his mother’s house. Sanu says, ‘Still didn’t ask me once for life. See, love is not one sided and one hand doesn’t clap. Whenever they need anything, they talk to me with love. Now when Bigg Boss arrives, they are talking differently. Sometimes I get well with him, he considers himself lucky that Kumar Sanu is his father, then says that Daddy is a trillion. At the age of more than 60 years, all of this has to be heard now.


‘I don’t want to get into these things anymore’
Kumar Sanu did not stop. He further said, ‘I was living peacefully with my family for 20 years after my second marriage. I do not want to get into all this anymore. If they really feel that I have not done anything for them, then I have now said everything publicly. I also have evidence for these things. Everything is written on the divorce papers too, whatever I have given. ‘

‘Jaan Ho Aashirwad Hai Bade Singer’
Finally, Kumar Sanu says to his son Jaan, ‘I helped him meet people, took him on his show, yet if he says that I did nothing for him then as a father he loves me Whether to do it or not, I would always like him to be a great singer. My blessings are with them and always will be. No matter how bad he says about me. I have said everything, whatever I had to say, I am tired now. ‘



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