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Krishna Abhishek became emotional on relationship with Govinda uncle, said – the distance is as much as love is

The dispute between Govinda and his nephew Krishna Abhishek has been going on for years. But this mutual affliction and fighting escalated further when Govinda recently arrived on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ and Krishna Abhishek refused to perform on the show.

Explain that Krishna plays the role of Sapna Parlor Vali in Abhishek Kapil’s show. But due to the old fight and estrangement, Krishna refused to perform in his maternal uncle’s episode. Now in an interview to ‘Spotboy’, Krishna Abhishek once again spoke openly about this and recalled the old days spent with Mama Govinda.

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‘I will not be able to stop the tears but now the distance is more than the love I had’
Krishna Abhishek said, ‘I love Govinda Mama very much. I know that he loves me too. That is why they have the right to be angry with me. I love them so much that even now things are going on among us, I will not be able to face them because of them. I will not be able to stop my tears. So it’s better that I don’t do that episode. I have been very close to Govinda Mama. I have also stayed at home with him and his family. But now the more love has come, the more distance has come. ‘


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Krishna Abhishek further said that there was an estrangement between him and Mama Govinda and hence he thought it better not to do the episode. Comedy is good only when there is a good relationship and laughter comes from the heart.



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