KRACK: My all time favorite Ravi Teja .. Nebula who is obsessed with ‘crack’

Powerful action movie ‘Crack’ directed by Gopichand Malineni as the hero of Maharaja Ravi Teja is known for its wallpapers. Released on January 9, the film suffered a setback on its opening day. Due to financial problems the release was not possible on time. The full show started on January 9 in two English states from the second show. The ‘crack’ dinner seemed like a meal to Ravi Teja fans who had been waiting for Casey with eyes wide open.

The positive talk for ‘Crack’ started from the first show. ‘Crack’ has been circulating at the box office since that day. The film crossed the break even point in 5 days with 50% occupancy. ‘Crack’ is getting praise not only from the audience but also from the cine celebrities. While mega power star Ram Charan has already showered praises on ‘Crack’ .. Mega daughter Nebula Konidela has recently joined the account. Nebula tweeted that Ravi Teja is his favorite.

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The movie ‘Crack’ is a clean hit
” I saw ‘Crack’ last night. Killer entertainer .. Very good. Very happy to have fully enjoyed the movie. Elevations, comedy, action are great. Not only that, my all time favorite Ravi Teja was killed in every scene. Congratulations to director Gopichand Malineni for such a great success. Taman gave an excellent BGM. As always Shrutihaasan acted wonderfully. Watching her acting is like a treat. Varalakshmi Sarathkumar acted really well. “Kudos to the whole team,” Nebula tweeted.
Ravi Teja fans are getting fed up with Nebula tweets. Thanks to her. Meanwhile, it is known that Nebula was recently married. She married Venkata Chaitanya Jonnalagadda on December 9. She continues to act even after marriage. A web series accepted. Nebula is going to act with Anasuya and YouTube Nikhil Vijayendra. Bhanu Rayudu is directing the series while Kalyan Malik is composing the music.



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