Klopp, Guardiola task UEFA on Champions League schedules and reform

If they were not in favor of the Super League project, Jürgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are also not convinced by the reform of the Champions League which provides for more matches for the clubs involved. The two coaches seriously tackled UEFA this Friday on the increasingly busy schedules.

Yes, the Super League project has turned into a fiasco. But Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp have not yet jumped to the ceiling. At a press conference this Friday, the coaches of Manchester City and Liverpool made it clear that they were not much more excited by the reform of the Champions League imagined by UEFA. “Everyone knows my opinion on having more games. The Super League is no longer on the table. That’s good, very good. But that doesn’t mean the new Champions League. is great “, reacted Klopp, still as raised against the overloaded calendars imposed on the European clubs. The reform of C1 provides in particular for the end of the group stage. Instead, 36 teams (instead of 32) will be together in a single pool. Each team will play a minimum of ten matches, compared to six currently, against ten different opponents. The one who will triumph in the final will have played a total of 17 or 19 matches. Against 13 for the winner this season.

“We are already at the limit”

“UEFA told me their idea and I said I didn’t like it. Ten games instead of six, I don’t know where we’re going to put them. Maybe UEFA will ask the cancellation of a Cup in England or will want 18 Premier League teams. The only people who are never asked for anything are the coaches, the players and the supporters. I know the supporters say ‘Yes, but they have a lot money ‘, but we are already at the limit, “insisted Klopp, tired of not being heard by the authorities. “And believe me, all the coaches in Europe think the same, and if they all think the same, maybe that is a sign that it is a bit too much. UEFA did not ask us “And we haven’t been asked for the Super League. It’s always ‘Play more games’, but it’s just not possible,” he said in comments reported by The Independent.

His observation and his criticisms are shared by Guardiola. He also does not understand the frantic pace imposed on the players. “We have to ask UEFA and FIFA to extend the year. We have 365 days, maybe we can find 400 days a year. I don’t know, honestly”, launched the Spanish technician, in a mixture of annoyance and irony. Relaunched on the new format of the Champions League, he said he was “not an expert”. “It’s their business. We give our opinion, we can’t do anything. If they decide that there will be ten more games, then there will be ten more games. The show must go on. My job, it’s about playing the best you can, getting the players engaged in what we have to do and winning as many titles as possible. If the World Cup is played with 56 teams, it will be played with 56 teams. What can we do? “, He regretted.

“UEFA knows it, but do they care? Absolutely not”

The day before, one of his players, Ilkay Gündogan was very critical of the new version of the C1, also deploring the increase in the number of matches. For Guardiola, this will lead to more injuries. “Sure. Players end incredibly tough seasons for a lot of reasons, they have a six day break and then make it to the national teams. When they’re done they have ten or fifteen days (off) and then come back for more. pre-season tours to New York or Asia. Then there is the Community Shield in the event of a Premier League title. We play because people demand it. The players love to play but sometimes get injured. UEFA knows that, but do they care? Absolutely not, “he detailed.

And to conclude, fatalistic: “It’s more games, more competitions. I can’t coach the players, just manage the team. Every time we talk about it to UEFA, they say ‘We take it note ‘but after there are more matches. Then there is a new competition for those who are not in the Champions League or the Europa League. It’s like a comedian or a theater actress who plays three times a day , they don’t like it. Once or twice a day they perform well but three times a day is too much. “

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