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Kinetic Safar Jumbo Electric Cargo Three-Wheeler Launch: Price & Other Details

This Kinetic Safar Jumbo Electric Cargo Three Wheeler was introduced to address a number of commercial purposes. The Kinetic Safar Jumbo Electric three-wheeler can also be used for short-distance deliveries of LPG cylinders. It can also be used as waste management and food truck.

The Kinetic Green Safar Jumbo Electric Cargo three-wheeler was designed from the ground up at the company’s R&D facility in the country. The company claims that the electric three-wheeler is built using 100% domestic components.

This electric three-wheeler falls under the L5 Commercial Vehicle category. The electric cargo three-wheeler has a payload capacity of 500 kg. To carry cargo, the Kinetic Safar Jumbo has a specially designed 150 cubic feet of space.

Built using a steel body for the safety of the Kinetic Safar Jumbo. The electric cargo is powered by a three-wheeler lithium-ion battery pack that can travel a maximum of 120 kilometers on a single charge. The electric powertrain in the cargo three-wheeler also travels at a speed of 55 km per hour.

The battery pack in the three-wheeler takes 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. The company has launched the Safar Jumbo with an optional fast charger for Rs. Offers to 20,000. This reduces the charging time to less than 2 hours. Charging can be done very fast with this charger.

Safar Jumbo Electric Three-Wheeler is priced at Rs. The company said there will be 60,000 incentives. The company will provide Safar Jumbo with a standard three-year warranty.

Other features of the electric cargo three-wheeler include independent suspension and upgraded hydraulic brakes. The Safar Jumbo features a digital instrument cluster, interactive Kinetic Connect app, dynamic SOC, can-based controller and ‘Magic Gear’.

The Kinetic Safar Jumbo Electric Cargo is ideal for three-wheeler last-mile deliveries and intra-city commercial use. Because it is electric, it can reduce costs in three-wheeler ownership compared to standard diesel-powered rivals. It is very useful for customers. Government incentives are also available for this vehicle.

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