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Khushi: Pawan never really saw the waist of the role .. it was a sun trick

Power star Pawan Kalyan’s film ‘Khushi’ has a special place in his film career. SJ Surya screened the film starring Pawan and Bhumika as a couple. The film, which was made with a new story full of novelty, was a trend setter in love story films at that time. Youth swayed to the songs in this movie, Pawan Love, Action Hungama. Especially Pawan .. The scene where the heroine sees the waist is very highlighted. This scene will continue to be debated somewhere for years to come.

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There is an interesting story behind this romantic scene. Pawan Kalyan’s amazing acting is actually hidden behind that scene that ripens so nicely on screen. Looking at the waist of the role in the black shari, it seems that the gestures made on Pawan’s face really made the scene sit on the opposite side and filmed the scene.

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But the real thing is .. Pawan never really saw her waist. Surya sat Pawan on a table and pretended to be on the opposite side, pretending to sneak up on her waist. The role was then shown along with the waist after the scene where the shoot was done. Moreover Pawan as shown in that episode .. never really saw the role waist. But that scene in the movie looks very realistic when viewed. This scene is an example of Pawan’s acting and SJ Surya’s amazing taking.

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