Karine Le Marchand: Operation rebirth “do not hit”, his victory is elsewhere

More so, the pretty 52-year-old brunette admits that the show “did not card“audience level. A detail for Karine Le Marchand who prides herself on having been able to help a good number of people on their way in life. “But we have so many testimonials from people who want to finally be the most important person in their life again, and others who have realized what this disease is on a daily basis, that i am fully happy to have done so“, she continues.

The Monday January 18, 2021 issue, featuring Pierre-Yves and Emeline, was followed by 1,721,000 viewers. The market share amounted to 7.5% among the public aged 4 and over and to 15.5% for the commercial target. For its launch last Monday, Operation Renaissance had aroused the curiosity of 1.86 million French people, or 8.3% of the public. Audiences at half mast … especially that Karine Le Marchand, Cristina Cordula – who is on the show – and their team have been working hard for more than four years on it.

But Karine Le Marchand’s victory lies elsewhere: the journeys of Stacy, Elody, Pierre-Yves and Emeline, all slimmed down and physically transformed thanks to the show, have inspired more than one. Also, the boxes of hearings, the host knows well. His other show Love is in the meadow has known an unnamed success for many years on M6 …


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