Kangana Ranaut breaks silence on Arnab’s leaked chat, comments on what she said

Kangana Ranaut has broken her silence over news anchor Arnab Goswami saying she is mentally ill in a fake leaked WhatsApp chat. Not only this, according to the leaked chat, Arnab Goswami had also commented on the physical relationship of Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut. Kangana Ranaut was asked by a woman why she is silent about Arnab Goswami. In response to this, Kangana Ranaut tweeted, ‘Rohini ji big people don’t talk small things. But small people like only small things. Let’s do some chuckling, Arnab ji has said what Hrithik Roshan told him, I first met him in 2019, he was embarrassed for that 2017 interview with Hrithik, got it? ‘

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Next to this, Kangana Ranaut wrote in another tweet, ‘Want some more chugli, why did Hrithik say this, when did relations deteriorate, Arnab was a friend of Hrithik, then how I befriended him, etc. All these Libroon Chuglikhor Mauses have spoiled the atmosphere of the whole country, stop watching everyone’s chats and melz while eating stolen marmalade. ‘ Not only this, while attacking the woman, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘To date, no one has leaked private chats, lettres, melz, pictures, videos, I have never dared, I have seen with eyes, no matter what, Couldn’t dare to. It is a matter of sanskars, it is a matter of character, it is a matter of self-respect, libro will not understand.

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Kangana Ranaut has also spoken about her reaction after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘I was exposed to the murder of a young star, who is associated with the mafia and drug racket, in front of the whole country, and you also saw a chimney in him. Nothing great was shown, Hrithik was doing my sex life with a sneaky Arnab, which is the matter of national security, aunty? ‘ Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut once claimed in an interview that she was in a relationship with Hrithik Roshan.

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Kangana Ranaut’s claim was rejected by Hrithik Roshan. Not only this, Hrithik Roshan also sent a legal notice to Kangana Ranaut regarding this claim. Not only this, the dispute between both of them went on for a long time. Hrithik Roshan said that his relationship with Kangana Ranaut was completely professional, but the actress unilaterally sent him a lot of emails and harassed him.

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