Juventus: Buffon suspended a match for blasphemy

Gianluigi Buffon will miss the Turin derby in Serie A this Saturday. The Juventus goalkeeper was suspended for making blashphemous remarks during a meeting against Parma last December.

Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon received a suspension on appeal on Tuesday for “blasphemous” remarks, the Italian Football Federation said. The 43-year-old was fined 5,000 euros last month without suspension, but the prosecutor appealed the decision.

Buffon made “blasphemous” remarks to his team-mate Manolo Portanova during the Juventus-Parma match on December 19, which won 4-0. In stadiums without an audience, the words of players or managers picked up by microphones and cameras are increasingly giving rise to disciplinary consequences in Italy.

Buffon wants to continue his career

After AS Roma midfielder Bryan Cristante in December 2020, Lazio Rome winger Manuel Lazzari was also suspended in February for “blasphemous” remarks made on the pitch. Buffon will be deprived of the derby against Torino on Saturday, even if he occupies a substitute position this season.

In recent days, Buffon has indicated his desire to find a new challenge for next season, when he should not extend the adventure with Juventus. The historic Bianconeri goalkeeper hopes to leave by then with one last trophy, winning the Italian Cup where Juventus will meet Atalanta in the final.


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