Judo: Silver Pinot at the European Championships, and well placed for the Olympics

The French judoka Margaux Pinot, double outgoing European champion and world No. 2 in -70 kg, this time lost by ippon in the continental final, against the Dutchman Sanne Van Dijke, Saturday in Lisbon. However, she made the best last impression in her duel at the top with Marie-Eve Gahié for the only Olympic ticket at stake in their category.

Margaux Pinot advantage just before the cleaver decision. In the duel at the top with Marie-Eve Gahié for the Olympic ticket at stake in -70 kg, the first obtained the silver medal at the European Judo Championships, when the second was surprised in her first fight on Saturday in Lisbon.

Arrived with the status of double European champion in title, the money had despite everything a taste “a little bitter” for Margaux Pinot (world n ° 2), countered in the final by the Dutchman Sanne Van Dijke, victorious by ippon in spite of two late penalties. But it was probably nothing compared to what Marie-Eve Gahié, 2019 world champion and world No. 1, must have felt. She may have lost very big with her premature defeat to a young opponent ranked beyond 100th place in the world, the Croatian Lara Cvjetko (waza-ari in overtime).

Before the Portuguese competition, the French management, whose decision is expected next week, explained that it would be the last indicator taken into consideration before deciding the mano a mano that the two judokas have been engaged in for two years.

“It would be logical”

Listening to Pinot, things are a little different. “We knew that it was the benchmark competition, we knew that it was played there, she sums up. We had to manage, focus on judo, and only on judo.” Should we understand then that the Olympic sesame is promised to him? “I would say yes, but I am not the decision maker, I am waiting for the official decision, she advances cautiously. Afterwards, I make a medal, Marie-Eve comes out in her first round, it would be logical, but I wait Monday to be sure. “

Convincingly victorious in her first two fights, scoring twice each time (against Moscalu and Bernabeu), then in her intelligently managed semi-final (overtime penalty victory against Polling), Pinot retained his ” great sensations “and the fact of not having felt” too much pressure “.

Gentlemen in the blur

“I was in the flow, I did not take a shido (penalty) of the competition. In the final I do a ball and I take myself ippon, it’s disappointing, but I remain on my feelings, it’s On the positive side, she says. I slept like a baby last night. I was relaxed. It was really a day that I enjoyed. I’m glad I took this competition like this. to say that I know how to manage the big deadlines, it is good for the future, it gives me confidence in myself “.

On the men’s side, the Olympic horizon does not brighten up in -73 kg, nor in -81 kg. In the lower category, the quota a priori intended for Guillaume Chaine, beaten from the start on Saturday, is hanging by a thread. In the top, no Blue is so far sufficiently well classified to unlock one, and the defeats in the second round of Alpha Djalo, and the third of Nicolas Chilard, will not help.


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