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Joe Biden presses behind ceasefire for ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

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Before the ceasefire was implemented, Netanyahu told Biden on phone that the war between Israel and Hamas was about to end, but Biden was still worried that the situation would change at any time due to the time remaining in the ceasefire being implemented Can. In such a situation, White House aides contacted Israel and Egypt over the phone to find out whether the ceasefire would be implemented. An official with knowledge of the talks said that US and Israeli officials were worried that the rocket-fired by Hamas could rekindle the agreement reached in Egypt’s arbitration.

After this Netanyahu called Biden again. This was his second phone call to Biden in a few hours. Netanyahu reassures Biden that the war is indeed going to end. With this, the first foreign policy crisis came after Biden became the President. He dealt with this crisis by staying behind the curtain. The White House said that during this time, Biden and his senior aides contacted over the phone 80 times by talking or meeting in person to stop the war.

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Biden then appeared in front of cameras at the White House’s ‘Cross Hall’ and reported on high-level talks with the US, Egypt, Palestinian authorities and other West Asia countries. In his three-and-a-half-minute speech in the joy of a cease-fire, Biden reiterated that Israel has the right to defend itself. He expressed condolences for the Palestinian ordinary citizens killed in the Israeli bombing and promised that humanitarian aid would be provided for the Gaza Strip.

Biden said that if the US-developed missile defense system were not ‘Iron Dome’, then the number of dead could have been higher. This 11-day conflict has been the most fierce conflict since the Gaza war of 2014 that killed more than 240 people, caused widespread devastation in the Gaza Strip and created fears of further destabilization of an already unstable region I went.

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The ceasefire came into effect on Friday after pressure from the US, Egypt and other international intermediaries to stop the violence. A statement issued late Thursday night from the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Security Cabinet unanimously agreed to end hostilities “mutually and unconditionally”.

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