Jennifer Lopez victim of despicable racist remarks when she was in a relationship with Ben Affleck

There were the Brangelina. There were the Kimye and the Jelena. But we often forget, in July 2002, THE most coveted couple in Hollywood, it was the Bennifers, the shock duo formed by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. However, the actor has agreed to return to this period in the podcast Chatter Awards, explaining that the story had not been easy to live with in the media. “People were awful to her. Sexist, racist, he remembered. They wrote abject things about him. Someone who wrote that stuff these days would get fired. Now she is respected for all the work she has done, for who she is and where she comes from … as she should be from the start!

I lost my footing, I questioned my belonging to this profession

The two exes are, therefore, not on bad terms. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met in 2002 on the set of The Very Bad Comedy Troubled loves by Martin Brest- “rewarded“by no less than six Razzie Awards … They kept on the cover of American celebrity magazines, fascinated by their romance. So much so that after getting engaged in September 2003, the lovebirds had to cancel their marriage because, among other things, of “excessive attention“.”It eviscerated me, regretted the singer in Vanity Fair. I lost my footing, I questioned my belonging to this profession, I wondered if I was not bad in everything. And my relationship with Ben was destroying itself before the eyes of the whole world

. “

At that point you are no longer a person. Nothing but shit

Today, they can try to laugh about it. Jennifer Lopez is the mother of 12-year-old twins from her relationship with Marc Anthony and met love in early 2017 when she crossed paths with baseball player Alex Rodriguez. As for Ben Affleck, he fell in love with the young Ana de Armas. Career side, he even goes up the slope after long months of back and forth in rehab. “I was really in the worst position in this industry, he says. The one where we sell magazines but not movie tickets. People told me I was useless, that I had no talent. At that point you are no longer a person. Nothing but shit.“Yet he is about to take over the role of Batman in the film The Flash, by Andrés Muschietti, and will shoot for Ridley Scott. We have seen worse …


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