Jeff Reine-Adelaide’s diary – Episode 2: Reconstruction

Knee injury for the second time in two years, Jeff Reine-Adélaïde chose RMC Sport to accompany him during his rehabilitation period. The Nice midfielder and captain of the France Espoirs team shares the behind the scenes of his recovery through this logbook.

Dear readers,

A month ago, I told you about the acceptance associated with this second knee injury. I have come a long way at this level, and I have moved on to another important stage of my rehabilitation: reconstruction. For three weeks, and for another week, I have been in Clairefontaine to take advantage of the facilities and the medical center. I am there from Monday to Friday and I come back to see my relatives on weekends. And I am much better, I walk normally, I also cycle …

A different setting at Clairefontaine

It is Julien Chaillet, the physiotherapist of the France Espoirs team who suggested that I come and do part of my rehabilitation at Clairefontaine. I accepted, because it allows me to work in a different setting from Nice. I am very well surrounded in the south, where the leaders, the medical staff, the coach (Adrian Ursea), Didier Digard (deputy), and my teammates take my news all the time, but my sessions were often delayed compared to to those of the group and above all, the guys are in full competition.

It still creates frustration for me not being able to be with them and help them. More than my physical reconstruction, Clairefonta ine also helps me in my mental reconstruction. I found a setting where I see other injured players with whom I talk a lot.

The importance of the mental aspect

This mental aspect is as important as the physical in the rebuilding process following a serious injury. We are almost more weakened mentally than physically. Personally, I was not getting anywhere, I felt deep down mentally… I was devastated. It is for this reason that I accepted to be helped by a mental trainer. For the record, we had started working together just a month before my injury, on the advice of my brother.

It was very helpful to me when I was in the hospital. It was a period, right after my injury, when I couldn’t sleep at night. I was confronted with myself, I woke up thinking about this injury. And the trainer helped me regain my self-confidence, get to know my body, and also open up to others. I think I did 50% of the work at that level. But what is certain is that I do not want to neglect this mental aspect anymore.

A day with the Restos du Cœur

I didn’t do it when I was injured for the first time in Lyon, and I will continue even after my return to competition. My reconstruction also involves what I do outside of football. The mental trainer has asked me to set “life goals” for myself, and among them is the need to do good around you. Before coming to Clairefontaine, I wanted to spend a day with the Restos du Cœur in Nice, of which OGC Nice and the club’s Endowment Fund are partners. I made the packed lunches before distributing them to people. These are moments that allow you to put things into perspective and do good. We are faced with other stories than his.

I spoke with a gentleman who is unemployed, who had just lost his job and who was coming to volunteer because he didn’t want to sit around doing nothing at home. Seeing all those smiles on the faces of children and families, it really feels good. The next step in this reconstruction is to move forward physically. I have goals, but I don’t want to worry too much about it. And I don’t want to give away too much. The most important thing for me right now is trying to be happy. And for that, I need to help people right now. I have a lot of projects underway at this level and I hope to talk to you about them very soon.


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