Jeff Bezos agrees that Amazon pays more taxes to help Joe Biden’s stimulus package

In the United States, tax reform is not easy. To finance his huge investment plan of 2,000 billion dollars (which should notably be used for the maintenance of numerous infrastructures), President Joe Biden wishes to tax the richest.
In particular, corporate tax could rise from 21% to 28%, with Joe Biden lamenting that some large American companies are bypassing the system to pay as little money as possible. The American president has also quoted Amazon on several occasions, which is quite rare for an American head of state.

Jeff Bezos could remain silent and secretly hope that the opposition blocks Joe Biden’s reform, he has finally decided to support it. On Twitter, the account corporate Amazon announces that his boss supports the investment plan.

Political wisdom

It must be said that, for Amazon, the period is not conducive to yet another political fight. Accused by many of having taken advantage of the pandemic and suspected of anti-competitive practices, Jeff Bezos’ company is probably playing the card of caution in supporting Biden.
Especially since the sacrifice is not so colossal in space. Recall that, under Donald Trump, corporate tax went from 35% to 21% in the United States thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

, from 2017. This tax increase planned by the Biden administration results in a lower cap than what was practiced during the presidency of Barack Obama.

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Finally, let us remember above all that even by paying 28% of income tax, Amazon will continue to bypass a large part of the system thanks to complicated tax arrangements. Jeff Bezos knows it.


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