Jean-Pierre Bacri, in 2011: “My mouth is hanging out, that’s how it is”

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I wouldn’t have gotten there if

… If I were not the sum of parental neuroses, voluntarily maintained, to which I added personal neuroses, and in the first place the absolute detestation of constraints. From my father, who was a postman, I kept a neurosis of righteousness, let’s say a sense of the word, of equality and of justice which he summed up with this sentence repeated a thousand times: “For me, sweeper or President of the Republic, it’s the same thing! “. In other words: we owe them the same respect. From my mother, out of taste, I kept my pride. A pride that I perhaps derive from my values. In any case, a satisfactory self-esteem. I like myself as I am. And I created a universe in which pleasure is a priority and constraints definitely banned.

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You must have some constraints!

I had it all my youth and in my first job at Société Générale de Cannes, which seemed to be my destiny at the time. I had to get up early. Shave closely, which was painful to me, who have a dark beard. Wear the suit and tie. And smile. Always smile. Well I got fed up. I decided it was inhumane. That I would never make those lousy concessions of friendliness and forced smile again. When I smiled, it would be spontaneously, when it came to me. Because a smile has value. To the one who snatches it from me, I give something good and true. So it is often said that I shout. But yes ! Of course I make the face! And I will continue to do it! When I have nothing to say and no reason to smile, I shout. I put on my face. That is to say, I have this head.

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Wait! To be “the” face or “my” face is different!

Yes, but apparently my mouth is hanging out. This is how. In short, I have a neurosis of constraints and you cannot imagine what anticipation it requires for the organization of my day, my leisure activities, or my professional choices. I walk on a wire, in constant vigilance, to prevent boredom, trouble and anything that could affect my pleasure. This leads me to turn down loads of scripts, including cute roles – I’m too scared of the dissatisfaction the movie would ultimately give me. It also prompts me to go without dinner in town. I am certainly depriving myself of the few rare moments of intelligence and spirit that one meets there, but I spare myself so much boredom that it is worth the sacrifice! This universe is violent, as our friend Woody Allen would say. We must therefore take only the best. While there is still time.

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