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Japan: Fireballs burst from the sky, meteorites made day in the night

A few days ago, the sky of Japan was lighted by fireworks. It was as if small fireballs were blowing from the sky, whose videos continued to play on TV and social media. Actually, there was a meteorite rain here which continued for some time. According to local media, these fireballs were bolide. It is a meteorite that bursts into the atmosphere.

According to NHK Public Television, these shells were seen in Aichi, Me and other places in the southern sky. As a meteorite approached Nagoya in a camera at Nagoya Port, it shone like a full moon. Some experts said that some of its pieces also fell on the ground.

Some people got excited after seeing such light, and many were upset by the explosion. No one understood at first how the day happened at night. Earlier in July, a falling star was seen in Tokyo. Pieces of it were also seen in Sheeba.

What are meteorites?
When asteroid breaks due to some reason, a small piece of it gets separated from them which is called meteoroid. When these meteorites reach close to the earth, they burn as they come in contact with the atmosphere and we see a light that looks like a shooting star, or a falling star, but they are not really stars.



NASA maintains collection
It is not necessary that every meteorite gets burnt as soon as it comes to the earth. Some large-sized meteorites also land on the ground without burning and are then called meteorite. NASA’s Johnson Space Center maintains a collection of meteorites found in different corners of the world, and by studying these, layers of asteroids, planets and our solar systems are opened.


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