Jalil Lespert, proud dad: rare photo of his son “too handsome” Aliosha

Failing to have been able to move to California with Laeticia Hallyday, Jalil Lespert will be able to spend time with his three children in Paris. The actor and director is indeed the happy dad of Gena (16 years old) and Aliosha, born from his past relationship with actress Bérangère Allaux, but also from Kahina (10 years old), whom he has shared with Sonia Rolland since their split two years ago.

Always so active on social networks, Jalil Lespert relayed a rare photo of his son Aliosha on Instagram, January 15, 2021. In Story, his subscribers were able to discover the face of the teenager on a photo he has him – even shared on his account. A photo not necessarily the most flattering, but whatever, dad is proud! “My son, too handsome“the 44-year-old actor and director commented.

On the occasion of the film’s release The dreamed child

, in October 2020, Jalil Lespert had confided in his role as a father to Telerama : “I try to be the most attentive, the most present. I think I am part of this generation of fathers who are aware that they have a real role to play in education“, he had explained.”My oldest is 16 years old. I had it quite young and I was an actor and a director. And when we do these jobs, we have the chance to be at home a lot. So sometimes, we are very busy but when we are there, we are really there! I was lucky enough to be present enough and hopefully loving enough!


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