Jade and Arnaud Lagardère: 10 years of love (with ups and downs), pretty declarations

Single, betrayed, disappointed; in recent months, Jade Foret has communicated some strange messages. She found her smile again thanks to her husband, Arnaud Lagardere. The couple are commemorating an anniversary and have exchanged touching declarations of love.

Thursday January 14, 2021, Jade and Arnaud Lagardère celebrated the 10 years of their love story! On this occasion, the two spouses exchanged statements. The 59-year-old entrepreneur got the ball rolling by posting a black-and-white portrait of him and his wife on Instagram.

He wrote in the caption: “‘Never build your balance or your happiness through the eyes of others’ my father told me ….. If he had crossed yours he would have understood that you were the exception which confirmed his rule. 10 years of life together with a sweet and salty taste, often paved with roses and sometimes thorns. Isn’t that the real happiness: to live together fully the moments of joy and to resist, always united, to the contrary winds.

Thank you for your kind eyes, for your unwavering support. They are precious to me. Finally, thank you to those who believed in us, and especially to others who have done us so much good in spite of themselves. To our next 10 years“, concludes Arnaud Lagardère.


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