"It’s not a lack of ambition", why Diallo preferred Senegal to the France team

Senegalese international since the March rally, Abdou Diallo explained his choice regarding his international career in an interview for the Team. The PSG defender has rubbed shoulders with the French youth teams since the start of his career.

Abdou Diallo will no longer wear the France team jersey. Captain of the Espoirs tricolores in the past, the defender of PSG chose to represent Senegal, with a first selection Sunday against Congo (0-0), in the last qualifying match for CAN 2022.

As the “Lions de la Téranga” qualify for the next African Cup of Nations, which will take place in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6, 2022, Diallo seems in a good position to be a key pawn for coach Aliou Cissé.

“I felt that I was wanted and expected. Everything seems very natural to me. I was received super well, explained Diallo on his debut in an interview for the Team. I arrived very humbly. The first anthem. , I thought back to my childhood, when my father celebrated all the victories of Senegal and I said to myself: ‘Oh yeah, now it’s me .. “

“I feel French and Senegalese”

The choice of Abdou Diallo surprised some, while he could potentially claim a place in the France team. All the more so after having completed his entire career with young French people. But having dual nationality, the 24-year-old finally chose Senegal.

“In people’s minds, I was French, period. If I had been asked the question before, I would have answered: ‘Yes, I am Franco-Senegalese.’ People may have the impression that it is falling from the sky like that. I feel French and Senegalese, Diallo justified himself. I have always been that Abdou-là in fact. It is not something weird. It’s natural. It’s a jersey that means a lot to me. “

Not selected for Euro Espoirs 2019, Abdou Diallo explains having spent a vacation that summer in Senegal: it was there that he understood that he wanted to represent this country. Transferred to PSG the same summer from Borussia Dortmund, the defender has not yet established himself definitively as an indisputable holder.

“To go from one selection to another is our right”

From there to fear of not being able to be selected with the Blues? “It’s not a lack of ambition or a fear. I was in the ideal position to think about the Blues. If tomorrow, for six months, I fart everything in Paris, necessarily the France team would be interested in Me, nuance Diallo. It bothers some that players can move from one selection to another. But that’s how it is, it’s our right, our identity. We can’t deny ourselves. We don’t want to be deny. No one will take away my dual culture. It is my strength. “


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