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Israel’s Parliament will be disbanded again, PM Netanyahu’s political future in danger

Tel Aviv
The political deadlock in Israel has deepened again. On Monday, the initial resolution to dissolve the Israeli parliament Neset was passed by majority. With this, the possibility of conducting general elections in the country for the fourth time in two years has arisen. At the same time, the political future of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is also at stake. They have been accused of corruption and demonstrations have been taking place on the streets of Tel Aviv for several months.

Israeli parliament may be dissolved next week
The resolution presented in the Israeli parliament Nesat won 61 votes in favor and 54 against it. The parliament can be dissolved after the final vote early next week, which may be followed by re-election in Israel in March or April. Negotiations between the two main parties in the government may take place in the coming days as part of efforts to avoid final voting. The proposal is yet to be approved by the Nesat Committee. After this it will be voted on twice more.

The party supporting Netanyahu also left together
Benny Gantz’s Blue and White Party, supporting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, voted for dissolution of the government. The party accused the Prime Minister of keeping his legal interests above the country. Significantly, earlier this year, Netanyahu was accused of cheating, betrayal and taking bribes. The trial of the case is scheduled to begin next month, in which Netanyahu is scheduled to appear.

How elections are held in Israel
The Israeli parliament is elected under the proportional voting system of the Nesat. In which the voter has to vote for the party instead of the candidates on the ballot paper. For any party to reach the Neset (Parliament), it is necessary to get a minimum of 3.25 percent of the total vote. If the vote percentage of a party is less than 3.25, then it does not get any seat of Parliament. The parties are allotted seats of parliament in proportion to the vote percentage. This process is completed within 28 days. No party in Israel’s history has been able to form a government with an absolute majority to date.

Know about Israel’s Parliament ‘Nesat’
The Parliament of Israel is called the Neset. Nesat is an ancient Hebrew word which according to Jewish tradition was an assembly of 120 sages and prophets. The term of a member of the Nesat is four years. By this, the Prime Minister and President of Israel are elected. Israeli law is made in the Nesat itself. It consists of 120 members in total. The minimum age to vote here is 18 years.


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