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Is Poona Poonia’s love for Ejaz different? Bolin- 36 like him came and grazed 36

In ‘Bigg Boss 14’ if any pair is making headlines since day one, then it is Pavitra Poonia and Ejaz Khan. With each passing day, the relationship between Ejaz and Pavitra deepened. Initially, Pavitra had expressed her feelings towards Ejaz to Rubina Dilac and even said that she had started liking Ejaz.

Ijaz wants to introduce Pavitra to his father

At the same time, Ijaz was also seen saying that he wants to introduce Pavitra to his father. He too slowly began to like Pavitra. But now the chemistry between Pavitra and Ijaz is not understood by anyone.

Pavitra’s fear, Ijaz using him for the game

With the kind of treatment that Ejaz is seeing these days, Pavitra has started to feel that Ejaz is using his name only for the game.

Nikki also expressed suspicion on Ijaz

In a recent episode, Pavitra was talking to Nikki Tamboli about this. Nikki tells Ajaaz about Pavitra, ‘Ijaz tells us his friend, we understand him, we live with him, but when it comes time to save us in the task, Ijaz is killed.

Holy quote – Ijaz has kept me going

Pavitra also nods yes to Nikki and says that Ejaz has kept her as well. Well they live with them, but whenever they have to support in the task, they do it to someone else. She also agrees with those things that whatever Kavita said about Ijaz was right.

‘Ijaz come like you 36 and graze 36’


She adds, ‘Ejaz Khan has come 36 like you and 36 has gone. Have grazed and killed. He is not aware that he has screwed with the wrong girl. ‘. After this, Pavitra says that he is only playing games in the name of Mer … and I will not let that happen, Ijaz Khan has come to you thirty-six and gone thirty-six, grazed and killed 36. You have messed with the wrong girl this time ‘.


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