IPL 2020

IPL 2020: The skyrocketing popularity of the Millionaire League! Board President Sourav’s words ‘incredible’

Own report: There was a time in the midst of Corona’s worries when many thought maybe the question would be IPL at all? No one has been able to give an answer to this question of crores of rupees with the crorepati league.

Finally, Sourav Ganguly and Joy Shah have chosen the UAE as a safe venue to save the world’s most popular cricket league from the deadly virus.

Covid-era cricket festival. IPL this time – watch from home while coronating cricket’s total package. So in the evening, take a sip of tea or a coffee mug and sit in front of the TV in a relaxed mood. Satisfaction guaranteed at the end of 20-20 overs!

The TV and digital viewership of the Chennai-Mumbai match of the first match of the Amirsh ahi IPL reached 200 million.


Which is a record so far in the history of IPL. The statistics show how eager the cricket-loving people were for the IPL.

IPL is being watched live in 120 countries of the world. Star Sports, the broadcaster of the Indian Premier League, is bringing the thrill of the Millionaire League to every corner of the globe.

BCCI President Sourav Ganguly has termed the way the IPL is gaining popularity based on the ratings of TV viewers as ‘unbelievable’.

At the same time, Saurabh said about the skyrocketing popularity of the IPL, “Of course I knew it would happen.

So I was not surprised.” Saurabh has recently returned to the city from Amirshahi. He will fly to Dubai again on November 4 after spending time in Kolkata.


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