iPhone: how to create a button to call or send a message directly to a contact

Start a call or send a message to a loved one without having to enter the associated application, search for the contact and enter the message or manually initiate the call? It is entirely possible from an iPhone. By creating shortcuts with Apple’s eponymous app, you can add buttons to call or send a direct message to a specific contact on your device’s home screen.

The operation can be performed both to initiate a call or send an SMS from the native iOS Phone and Message applications, as well as to call or send messages with compatible third-party applications, such as WhatsApp.

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1. Download Shortcuts

If it’s not already installed on your iPhone, download the free Shortcuts app. Offered by Apple, it allows you to create automation scripts, as well as shortcuts that can be executed by voice with Siri, integrated into iOS menus, or launched directly from the iPhone home screen.

Download Shortcuts for iPhone (Free)

2. Create a new call shortcut

Open the application on your iPhone, then in the section My shortcuts, Push the button + to create a new shortcut and then choose toAdd action.

In the window that opens, enter in the search field Call and select the action Call.

The action chosen here will make it possible to directly call a contact, but it is quite possible to opt for another action, such as sending a message. To do this, search for the term Message in the search box. You can then Send a message via the native iOS Message application, but also Send a message with WhatsApp if the app is installed on your iPhone.

Then customize the action by pressing Contact to choose the contact that your shortcut will call. Press on next, give a name to your shortcut and validate by pressing the button okay.

3. Add the shortcut to the home screen

When your shortcut is created, it takes place in the application’s shortcut library, under the heading All shortcuts.

To add this direct call or message sending shortcut to your home screen, press the options button represented by three small dots, present on your shortcut to open it, and press the three small dots again. .

Now press the option On the home screen, then in the pop-up that appears, tap your shortcut icon to Choose a photo which will be used to customize the icon of your call or message shortcut. Once the image is personalized, press Add and save your shortcut by pressing the button okay.

You can now close the Shortcuts application. Your shortcut for calling or sending a message should logically take pride of place on your iPhone’s home screen. A simple tap on one of your shortcuts will allow you to launch a direct call to the contact, or to open a window for sending a message directly to the selected contact.

Repeat the operation as many times as necessary, with different contacts, to configure buttons for calling or sending a direct message to your favorite contacts.


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