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iPhone 12: your camera would be difficult to repair without official Apple service

When Apple showed the world its long-delayed iPhone 12, many of us were dazzled by the initial approach to its qualities.
This made it less painful when the official price of this new generation of smartphones was shown.
Apple publishes the general repair costs of the iPhone 12 in interventions outside the warranty coverage. It is expensive. Really expensive.
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However, as time has progressed, we have also realized that Apple could have implemented some questionable measures, in order for them to be in charge of repairing the equipment.
But there would be a delicate problem with the main camera module of the iPhone 12. And it is something that is sure to leave many in total discontent.
The start of the controversy came when iFixit’s friends disassembled the iPhone 12 piece by piece. To conclude that its modular architecture would make it relatively easy to repair the terminal in case of a failure.
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But what they did not count on is that Apple would install a measure to try to make sure that only they with their authorized technicians were the only ones able to get their hands there without turning the smartphone into something of irregular behavior.
It all started with YouTuber Hugh Jeffreys, who shared a video on his channel where he demonstrated how, theoretically, Apple screwed up the rear camera module of the iPhone 12 after being changed by another module exactly the same.
When exchanging the lenses the device starts up fine, but the camera starts to show random malfunctions.
Sometimes it refuses to switch to the ultra-wide lens, the app responds only to some camera modes and at its climactic point, it closes or locks completely.
The iFixit guys themselves investigated in-depth on the matter and found that indeed this failure invariably happens when changing the camera module.
But the worrying thing is that the only way to fix it, as they found by reading some leaked iPhone 12 repair technical documents, is by running the cloud-linked system setup app.
This app is owned by Apple, it would be connected and linked through iCloud to validate the serial number of the component and once this is done to guarantee that everything is original, the camera module would begin to work well.
The point is that it is clearly a lock so that only authorized Apple technicians can perform a procedure that would cost less in other establishments.

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