iPhone 12, MacBook Air, iPad … the good Apple deals available on Fnac Darty

Apple products carry a reputation for quality. It is not new and it is still relevant today. Recently, the Apple brand launched new iPhone 12 still performing well, and benefiting from a new design, 5G and different sizes for all pockets. Apple has also managed to create a stir on its Macs with the arrival of the M1 chip, which advantageously replaces Intel processors for even better performance and significantly improved autonomy. The problem is that Apple products also have a reputation for being quite expensive, and that’s why we jump on the good deals that concern them. This is the case for these few offers available at Fnac and Darty, on the iPhone 12, the MacBook Pro and the latest iPad models. Offers to be seized quickly, because they risk being victims of their success!

iPhone 12, iPhone 11: very high-level smartphones

The years go by and the iPhone is still a benchmark for anyone who wants a smartphone that is both efficient, elegant and durable, thanks to its always unbeatable software support. This is obviously the case of the last born of the Cupertino company: the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 mini. The difference between these two smartphones is in the name: the iPhone 12 has a 6.1 inch display and the iPhone 12 mini has a 5.4 inch display. For the rest, they have everything in common: the new A14 processor, an OLED screen with deep contrasts, support for 5G and MagSafe, a new way to connect your iPhone to a magnetic induction charger. Fnac and Darty currently offer reductions of 60 euros on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. But let’s not forget the iPhone 11, a predecessor that still does well, especially thanks to very good durability and generous battery life.

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MacBook Air, MacBook Pro: the famous Apple computers

The Mac has experienced a small revolution in recent months. After using Intel processors for many years, Apple has developed its own chip for the Mac, the M1. Taking advantage of the excellent integration between hardware and software that Apple has the secret, the MacBook Air M1 offers a record battery life of 18 hours, in addition to very good performance. But it is also the moment to take advantage of interesting offers on the latest MacBook Pro models with an Intel processor: they remain relevant, make all the applications run quickly and the flash sales of Fnac and Darty make it possible to obtain them with substantial reductions. In any case, you will enjoy laptops with a very neat design, offering great ease of use and which obviously integrate with your other Apple devices including the iPhone to synchronize your web pages, emails, and even calls and messages.

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Apple: iPads to replace your laptop

We end this selection with another essential: the iPad. The Apple tablet has continued to improve over the years: iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro… Today, these developments have repercussions on the entire range and even on the “basic” iPad which offers extensive possibilities for its fairly low price, thanks to the iPadOS system and support for accessories that turn it into a laptop: the Smart Keyboard, or the Apple Pencil. The latest version of iPadOS even lets you use it with a mouse or trackpad. Still as pleasant to use, affordable for any audience aged 7 to 77, the iPad benefits from discounts on Fnac and Darty, and in particular reductions on the price of an Office 365 subscription to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote without constraint on its tablet.

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