Intimidating new Hyundai i20N with 201 bhp power

The Hyundai Elite i20 is hailed by customers as the most stylish model in the premium hatchback car market. With this in mind, the new generation i20 car has been developed to take the design features of this car to the next level. The new generation i20 car, which is expected to be launched in India in November, has been a big hit with customers.

In this context, Hyundai Motors has unveiled a powerful model based on the new i20 car. This new model has been developed with features that reflect the cars used in WRC rally races.

Coming under the performance brand of Hyundai Motors’ N line, this new model is intimidating in terms of design and performance. In contrast to the normal model, the red sticker decoration on the bumper with the letter N on the front grille system shows that it is a performance model. Home is as intimidating as the strong bonnet, air dam, grille system, bumper. LED headlights and a lip spoiler are also key features.

The car features 18-inch alloy wheels on the side. Taillight clusters with a black finish are given. The roof spoiler, diffuser-like structure, and unique silencer system are also notable features. A total of six different colors are used.

This car is equipped with sports seats, a special steering wheel, gear lever, and metal pedals. Featuring a completely black interior and decorative accessories in blue.


Like this car rally race cars, the 10.25 inch LCD screen is curved for navigation convenience. Supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto processors. There is also Blooming Connected car technology. This car has a digital instrument cluster. There is also a facility to show the gear shift time and know the engine oil temperature.

The new Hyundai i20N has a 1.6-liter T-GTI petrol engine. This engine delivers a maximum of 201 bhp of power and 275 Nm of torque. Also featured are a 6-speed manual gearbox and a mechanical limited-slip differential.

The new Hyundai i20N car model weighs 1,190 kg. This car can reach 0 – 100 kph in 6.7 seconds. Going up to speeds of 230 km per hour. There is also a launch control, brake pads, and a warning of wear and tear, as well as access to information about performance driving.

This car has four driving modes, Normal, Eco, Sport, and N. In this, N also provides the facility to change according to the driver’s wishes. The chassis of the normal i20 car has been made more stable and used in this car. There is also a special suspension, brakes, and steering system.

The new Hyundai i20N is equipped with state-of-the-art Driver Assist technologies. The car is expected to go on sale in European markets early next year.


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