The stories have a duration of 24 hours nothing more. Instagram stories are a format that revived the application a few years ago after the undisputed success of the social network Snapchat.
Over the years, that format continues to be faithful to its ideal of ​​being allowed only for 24 hours nothing more. However, there are tools that allow you to download these stories so you can see it later.
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In the case of Android, there are many external applications where the user has the possibility to download stories and other videos from the social network, owned by Facebook.

Tools to download stories

Big stories

Igstories is a web page where the user can enter from his mobile and paste the link of the stories he wishes to download.
The process is very easy and from the Safari browser, it has advantages in terms of speed.
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Report Story

This app is available on Apple Store and just by assigning the user’s name on Instagram, the application shows the stories available for download.
With these tools, the iOS user has the possibility of downloading the stories of their favorite artists to spread it with friends.