Instagram copies Clubhouse by offering to cut the microphone and the video in his lives

Facebook will not be satisfied with its Live Audio Rooms to compete with Clubhouse. The platform will also use Instagram’s Live feature to try to get its piece of the pie.
To achieve this, Instagram will therefore introduce new features to give users more flexibility in their use of live broadcasts. They can now mute their microphone and their video to turn them into an audio chat.

By offering to turn off the camera, Facebook is hoping to get more attention from Live attendees while encouraging them to participate in the conversation. While the authors of live broadcasts can mute their video and microphone, they will not be able to do so for other participants.


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This isn’t the first time Instagram has added new features to its live broadcasts in an attempt to attract new creators. Last October, the platform extended the maximum duration of its Lives to 4 hours. More recently, the social network inaugurated its Live Rooms to allow users to make live broadcasts to four participants.

Source: TechCrunch


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