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India-China Standoff: Is China lying in preparation for war, lying on border dispute? LAC on radar

India’s neighboring country China has been talking about reducing tension on the border for the past several months, but it is not easy to trust it with the actions it is doing on the border. Actually, China is putting radar on the 3,488 km long Line of Actual Control (LAC). In addition, Dragon is also upgrading its old radar. It is known that India-China border dispute on LAC has been going on since April, due to which there is an atmosphere of tension in both countries.

India and China are constantly meeting to reduce tensions. Both countries are focusing on resolving tensions and resolving disputes in military and diplomatic ways. Till now the two countries have held eight Corps Corps Commander level meetings. In these meetings, discussions have been held between the two countries on the dis-engagement process. At the same time, a meeting of the ninth round will also be held soon.

According to Business Insider’s report, China is pushing to build infrastructure on the border very fast. Along with this, the dragon has also started putting radar on the border from Ladakh to Sikkim. The neighboring country is engaged in upgrading many of the already installed radars.

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The report quoted top sources as saying that a medium-sized building and a watch tower have been installed in Yicheng. The number of radars being installed has also increased from three to four, including a JY-9 radar, a JY-26 radar, an HGR-105 radar, and a JLC-88B radar. The radar is located two kilometers west of Kyrang La where Pali and Fari Kyrang La, which is in front of Sikkim. It has four radars.

Sources said that unlike Central Bhutan, Yamdroke has seen a rise in infrastructure. About six km north-east of Sona is the Cuyona Electronic Warfare Station. The site has three radomes, three radars and five support buildings. At the same time, the infrastructure of the surveillance facility located 2.6 km northwest of Sona Heli base has seen an increase. China has also built a radar site on Linzhi and Nigiti, opposite Arunachal Pradesh. The source said that the Linzhi and Nigiti radar is located about 21 kilometers northwest of Linzhi and includes two radomes, a radar as well as a large shed building.


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